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TechKnowLogia is an international online journal that provides policy makers, strategists, practitioners and technologists at the local, national and global levels with a strategic forum to:

  • Explore the vital role of different information technologies (print, audio, visual and digital) in the development of human and knowledge capital;
  • Share policies, strategies, experiences and tools in harnessing technologies for knowledge dissemination, effective learning, and efficient education services;
  • Review the latest systems and products of technologies of today, and peek into the world of tomorrow; and
  • Exchange information about resources, knowledge networks and centers of expertise.

Published by
Knowledge Enterprise, Inc.

Wadi D Haddad, Ph.D.

  President, Knowledge Enterprise, Inc.

Managing Editor:
Sandra Semaan


The Journal's readers are:

  • Decision makers, planners, and practitioners in every country of the world
  • Project and program officers in multilateral, bilateral development agencies, foundations and NGOs
  • Specialists in centers of learning technologies
  • Senior staff at universities and centers of research
  • Media and opinion leaders
  • Managers and specialists at technology and communications firms
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TechKnowLogia is a quarterly web-based journal in full color, with pictures, graphics and illustrations. (Publication has been suspended.)

  • The Journal is free of charge.

  • The Journal is available in two online versions:
    1. Browser version in HTML -- easy for online reading, searchable and includes active links to other parts of the site as well as to other sites.
    2. A "hard copy" PDF version. An entire issue of the Journal may be downloaded in a format that resembles any journal you would find on the newsstands. You can print it, staple it and read it anywhere, anytime. You also have the option to download any individual article.
  • The Journal is a one-stop magazine that deals with the whole domain of issues related to technologies for knowledge and learning. (See content categories.). Since it caters to a diverse clientele with varied backgrounds and resources, it covers the whole spectrum of technologies in a crisp, strategy-oriented and practical manner. In many instances it offers a digest of available knowledge in the interest of readers who have limited or no access to sources of information.
  • The Journal is fully archived and all past Issues can be accessed and searched anytime.

  • The Journal has a search function that allows the reader to search by key word, article title, author, or date, both in the current issue and the archived issues.
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1. Frontline

Analysis of issues arising from a changing environment characterized by

  • Changing patterns of production, trade and competition;
  • Drastic innovations in technology, telecommunications, networks and informatics;
  • Exponential generation of knowledge and dramatic advancements in modes of dissemination; and
  • Escalating demands for education and skill formation.
Implications for objectives, scope, organization, timing and delivery of education services including issues of technological fluency, multiplicity of providers, and the role of the private sector.

Think pieces of the potential role for technologies in the advancement of knowledge and learning.

2. Technologies At Work

Stories of exploration, success and failure - drawn from all over the world - to demonstrate policies, strategies and practical measures in the use of technologies. Topics will include, individually or combined, the following:

  • Multi-channel learning
  • Educational television
  • Educational radio
  • Web-based instruction
  • Libraries for exploration
  • Practical activities in science and technology
  • Use of the media
  • Targeted use of technologies in areas such as: early childhood development, low density populations, adult literacy, women’s education, and workforce upgrading
  • Technologies for teacher preparation and career-long training
  • Technologies for policy planning, design and data management
  • Technologies for school management
3. Under Observation

Review of research and experience related to the impact of kinds and uses of different technologies on learning and on the efficiency of the education enterprise.

Synthesis of knowledge in fields related to education and training, such as cognitive science and
learning, and what the results mean for the use of learning technologies.

4. Planning For Technologies

Discussion of such issues as:

  • Re-engineering of school services
  • Cost and finance
  • Staff development
  • Information infrastructure
  • Modalities of public/private sectors collaboration
5. Technologies Today

Review of what is available in the different areas of technology for learning:

  • Instructional materials
  • Audio, visual and digital products
  • Software and content-ware
  • Modes of connectivity
  • Media
  • Educational web sites
6. Technologies Tomorrow

A glimpse into the future of technologies to excite the imagination of practitioners and decision makers and assist them in planning for the future, not only on the basis of what is available but also what is coming.

7. Profiles In Development

Interesting human interest stories about inventions, inventors, and institutions as well as a place to highlight our sponsors and their work in the area of technology for the advancement of knowledge and learning.

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What Technologies

TechKnowLogia defines technology as any tool that has the potential to advance the processes of learning, instruction, training and overall dissemination of knowledge. As such, technologies include, but are not restricted to, instructional materials, audio-visual aids, radio, television, videos, the web, computers, libraries, software, content-ware, and practical activities for exploration and experimentation in different fields of knowledge.

Editorial Position

TechKnowLogia is a forum for dialogue and sharing of knowledge and experiences, and an instrument to encourage thinking "outside the box." To this end, our editorial policy is driven by rigor, reliability of data and relevance to our clientele. The journal does not hold a priori positions regarding certain policies, strategies or technologies, nor does it endorse particular products, services or institutions. It is, therefore, conceivable (and desirable) to carry articles that embrace or advocate different views or positions.

Editorial Approach

TechKnowLogia is not a specialized academic journal. It is a one-stop magazine that deals with the whole domain of issues related to technologies for knowledge and learning. (See content categories.) Since it caters to a diverse clientele with varied backgrounds and resources, it covers the whole spectrum of technologies in a crisp, strategy-oriented and practical manner. In many instances it offers a digest of available knowledge in the interest of readers who have limited or no access to sources of information.

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